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The Story

Welcome to All Sugared Up, a local cookie business run by two best friends. All Sugared Up strives to make soft and scrumptious cookies. Every cookie is baked with love, and fresh with each order, ensuring a consistent, delicious taste, leaving you always wanting to come back for more. We also ship our cookies nationwide, reaching everyone who wants to join our efforts to change the cookie from ordinary to extraordinary. 20% of our profits are always donated to charitable causes, such as Mount Kisco Interfaith Food Pantry, and Project Kesher for Ukraine.


About Us

From a young age, Zoe and Liv have been drawn to starting my their own business. Most recently, we focused on launching an artisanal cookie company - All Sugared Up.  During the early months of the pandemic (when we were not on a zoom class), we spent countless hours in the kitchen creating new cookie recipes and experimenting with different ingredients. After many failed attempts, we finally crafted the perfect cookie dough base, which serves as a platform for 15 different flavors and fillings that are designed to be mixed and matched.  All Sugared Up customers can personalize their cookie orders, which are then delivered straight to their door. Launching this cookie business in the middle of the pandemic has provided us with an invaluable learning experience.  We have learned to grow as business owners and as best friends. The experience of running a business together has helped us flourish as independent teens and strengthened our life-long bond.

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